Hanafuda Dangle Earrings

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In demon slayer anime Tanjiro Kamado wears a pair of modified Hanafuda card earrings that have been passed down to his family for generations. Hanafuda meaning of flower cards. If we look at the earrings, they look like a paper talisman. It has a red circle in with several lines extending from the circle in different directions. This creates a look of a flower, thus known as the name of Hanafuda earrings. The Demon Slayer anime earrings are specially made in lightweight which helps you feel really comfortable even after wearing them all day. 


  • Zinc Alloy
  • Dangle Earrings 
  • Occasion: Cosplay or Versatile 

Measurements Length: 

  • Height 2.79" / 7cm
  • Width 0.98" / 2.5cm
  • Weight 0.6 oz

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