5 Style Upgrade essentials help you getting ready within 5 minutes

Are you ever experiencing waking up in the morning and looking at your closet screaming in your mind “I have nothing to wear today”!

Yes! You definitely DO have something to wear from your own closet! Once you have these below essentials items, it becomes super easy and fun to mix and match your outfits every day! You can always be able to create some outfits you love.

Find Your Essential Pieces To Build Your Master Outfit List!

A closet that has carefully selected pieces will make you get dressed every day so much easier.

So, where should you begin when it comes to selecting the essentials from your best basic closet?

Let us do the researching work for you! We create a list of master essentials for your new outfit style needs! Here are our top 5 inspiring trendy basic picks for you to start your outfit list. There is no need to follow the exact items below, if you have something similar instead, why not! Feel free to be more creative and have your own styles ready!

1. A Simple Oversized White Shirt

We just love a white shirt so much, a white button-down shirt offers endless outfit possibilities. As you have noticed, the Oversized shirt has been in the trend for a little while. They are here to create extra comfy feelings and giving us a stylish look with minimal effort to save your time in the morning.

There are so many ways to wear it. Our Suggested trend idea is to wear it with any of your vegan leather pieces (skirt, pants, or short) if you have any black vegan belt, feel free to add them on! That's exactly how trendy fashion blogger looks! 

White oversize shirt and vegan handbags

You could also team up with any pair of jeans or pants and importantly, a pair of cruelty-free square-toe mules for an elegant casual look to give your outfit an extra pop.

Square-toe mules

2. A pair of Classic Loss fit Black Pants

Whether you wear them to work or to dress up for the evening, a classic pair of black pants will never go out of style.

Pair of black pants are designed in a classic wide-leg style which is particularly on-trend this year. Our key tip: Roll up your pants around 1 inch to create extra long leg looks.

black loss fit pants

3. Layer Up Your Metals 

If you can’t decide which accessories to wear in the morning, just wear them all together. Mix and match a few different lengths of necklaces have become a fashion essential. Still worrying about if they don't look good together? We got you covered! Our gorgeous layered necklace comes as 4 in 1 and incredibly versatile to go with any of your outfits. Get your Layered necklace.


4. Light Washed Denim Jeans with Elastic Waist Features. 

Denim jeans have always been the classic trend because they exude an effortless sort of cool.

While loss fit mum jeans have been particularly on trend recently, a more fitted style like these denim jeans with elastic waist design makes you look thinner meanwhile less worried about unbuttoning your jeans when you are out having a yummy Friday dinner night out.

You can wear over your summer/fall with a simple trendy shoulder pads t-shirt alternately you can still adding a biker jacket or comfy hoodie during spring and fall when the weather is a little cooler.

elastic waist light washed jeans

light washed elastic waist jeans

5. Cool Essential Cross-body Handbags 

The secret of looks younger with any of your outfits is carrying glamorous cruelty free made cross-body handbags! Here is our creative idea of wearing cross-body bags! of course, you can create your own! Don't forget to tag us if you did! 

Black vegan handbags    purple veganhandbag

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